BSI Registration

IIF Foundrymen certficate

ISO Certificate

Tata Metaliks award

Quality Policy

We believe in delivering the absolute best to our clientele at Divaravi Group and that has remained the core of our business ethics.

With industrial standard protocols and strict adherence to HR policies we believe in Zero accidents or incidents.

Safety standards and efficient quality control are maintained for clients to achieve the most positive customer satisfaction & reliability)

We have a well defined Quality Management System that ensures and relentlessly monitors towards improvement of Customer satisfaction.

Delivery on time.

Ensuring safety after delivery.

Customer’s expectations are delivered as genuinely as we promise.

Working towards ISO 9001:2008 certification standards.

Environment & Safety.

The company seeks to achieve this commitment through environmental consciousness and setting objectives & targets based on the following practices.

Safety in production, handling, use & disposal of its products.

Prevention of environmental and health hazards

Informing the employees, users and society at large about environmental protection and product safety

Imparting environment related training to its employees whenever and wherever possible.

Environmental Objectives

Reduce waste.

Minimise environmental pollution & health hazard.

Prevention of environmental and health hazards

Design and develop services & processes for minimal environmental impact.

Minimise environmental impact of raw material sourcing

Promote environmental, health & safety awareness among the employees, contractors, users and transporters.

Conform to all applicable laws, laws of the land and Government regulations.

Features of our HR Policy


Everyone at Divaravi Group adhere to HR protocols to keep the productivity stimulus efficient and undeterred. Our policies aim to create the most effective and professional workspace for maximum performance and stand zero tolerance for mismanagement. This means we have clear reporting structures that spell out who's in charge and how tasks are to be accomplished in the organization.

This approach applies not only to intradepartmental structures, but also to company-wide or interdepartmental projects. Accountability is promptly discovered, transparency is crystal clear and our protocols are firm in keeping discipline, yet providing a seamless and stressfree environment for business to flourish.


Managerial Team and employees share a clear understanding of what is and what is not acceptable behavior within the organization.

Setting clear and specific behavioral standards in the form of rules establishes a framework for spotting and addressing violations of those standards. We do not rely on loosely defined general standards that aren't properly documented, then violations become subjective and open to interpretation.


Our HR Manager clearly state consequences for violations of behavioral standards so that employees know what to expect and have fair warning of those expectations. In addition, clear consequences help us to ensure that an employee is not limited in options for dealing with improper behaviors.